W2R successfully completes major site remediation for Anglesey Aluminium

Anglesey Aluminium (AAM) commenced the production of aluminium in 1971 with an annual production capability of 145,000 tonnes.

_55841649_vlcsnap-269063The site employed 500 staff, covered several hundred acres and consumed c.12% of Wales electricity requirement.  Production ceased in September 2009 due to not being able to secure an economically viable electricity supply contract, resulting in the loss of 400 jobs.

A number of alternative uses for the site are being progressed, but in order to facilitate the sale of the land asset, a significant site remediation programme was required to enable the Environmental Permits to be surrendered.

Waste 2 Resource were engaged in August 2013 by AAM to provide the following key services:

Initial Waste Consultancy project:

This project included the preparation and submission of a Problematic Waste Stream (PWS) application to secure derogation from the Landfill Directive Waste Acceptance Criteria requirements.  This included W2R conducting a comprehensive material sampling and characterisation programme to ensure all materials were managed via an appropriate compliant and cost effective route.

Waste Management Project:

Following the satisfactory completion of the Waste Consultancy Project, W2R were awarded the second phase Waste Management contract by AAM.

This phase involved the management of approximately 4000 tonnes of various waste streams generated over a 6 month period by the site remediation including:

♦ 1600 tonnes of concrete and refractory products recycled into secondary aggregate markets;
♦ 860 tonnes of hazardous waste to a specialist UK facility;
♦ 750 tonnes of soil and stone to non-hazardous landfill;
♦ 600 tonnes of dust from production line deep clean process to non-hazardous landfill; and
♦ Management of 150 tonnes of other materials such as carbon and refractory insulation material

Waste 2 Resource’s scope of work included:

♦ Identifying suitable management routes for a wide range of materials from inert through to hazardous;  
♦ Employment of contractors to provide heavy plant for excavating and loading material and a pool of haulage companies utilised to deliver high service levels within a short timescale;  
♦ The safe, timely and efficient removal of a variety of materials and the management of all Duty of Care requirements;
♦ Close liaison with the Site Decommissioning Team to ensure any unforeseen issues were accommodated and managed;
♦ Providing detailed reports to AAM Management Team on Contract progress, scheduling and financial reporting.  

The project was successfully completed over several phases, with a combined contract value in excess of 750k.AAM

Stephen Roberts, Senior Project Manager for AAM commented:

“W2R were among a number of contractors asked to quote for the disposal of the remaining problematic wastes streams on site. W2R provided a thorough and comprehensive package to dispose of all waste at the most competitive prices.

 W2R kept a constant line of direct contact and if and when issues arose they were communicated clearly and were always factually based with ways around these suggested problems promptly resolved.

W2R’s preferred use of local companies where possible, was another aspect of the contract that was looked upon favourably.

Based on my experience, I found W2R an extremely trustworthy and knowledgeable team, who could be relied on to provide solution to your waste problems.”

Commenting on the completion of the Contract, Director of W2R Chris Farmer said

“The opportunity to work for a prestigious Client on such a high profile project has been very exciting and rewarding for us.  The project presented a number of technical challenges and the successful outcome we have delivered for AAM places us in a strong position to deliver managed remediation solutions to other UK and overseas Clients”.