Hazardous Waste Disposal Your waste safe in our hands

Hazardous waste management is one of the most highly regulated sectors within the industry and Waste2Resource can help to ensure that your waste streams are collected, treated, recovered and disposed of safely and efficiently in full compliance with the law.

 Hazardous Waste Disposal

Hazardous waste comes in many forms ranging from solids and liquids produced by industry through to householder generated materials such as engine oil, paint, televisions and asbestos.  Whether you are a large industrial producer or smaller waste manager of lower grade materials, Waste2Resource is well positioned to manage your waste streams from waste assessment, collection and final management, whether this is disposal or further recovery.

Waste2Resource always has a preference to recover materials, rather than disposal in landfill and has been working closely with a European partner to deliver a sustainable recovery option for its UK Clients.

We are particularly interested to hear from customers who produce the following materials:

  • Flue Gas Treatment Residues;
  • Fly ash from thermal treatment processes;
  • Organic and Aqueous liquids; and
  • Hazardous slags.

Why choose us for your hazardous waste disposal, collection and management?

At Waste2Resource, we care – about our customers and the environment. Bringing over 40 years of industry experience to the field, our knowledgeable waste management consultants provide you with hassle-free hazardous waste disposal, collection and recycling solutions that really work with your business. Our services are not only highly competitive in price but they offer exceptional benefits to your business and to the environment. Aside from keeping more of your waste out of landfill, we have a reputation for exceptional customer service which includes fast response times and the delivery of very good value for money.

Please contact us to discuss any of the above material streams or your specific hazardous waste management needs.