Plasterboard Recycling Solutions for the Construction Industry

Waste2Resource works closely with a large UK based reprocessor of plasterboard to recover the gypsum component, which is then reused in the manufacture of cement.

plasterboard recyling

The construction and demolition industry generates a staggering one million tonnes of waste plasterboard every year. A number of regulations are in place to discourage the disposal of plasterboard waste and ensure that it is managed is a sustainable way. Recovery of the gypsum not only reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill, but also conserves a natural resource and reduces the need to mine virgin material.

Why choose Waste2Resource for plasterboard recycling?

Plasterboard recycling is no easy process, since its sulphate content brings it under the category of hazardous waste. A specialist waste disposal expert is needed in order to safely recycle plasterboard in line with the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) criteria and Environment Agency protocol. Waste2Resource works with a large specialist plasterboard processor allowing us to offer a comprehensive fully managed waste management solution for your plasterboard recycling needs. Our experienced waste management consultants ensure that your materials are collected and processed in accordance with legislative criteria, while keeping your in-house waste management costs as low as possible.

Businesses working with Waste2Resource have made a responsible choice to help preserve natural resources, reduce their carbon footprint and help prevent future shortages of raw materials. Our innovative bespoke waste management solutions bring clear environmental, legal and socio economic as well as financial benefits to any organisation.

Waste2Resource is able to provide a bulk collection service for plasterboard that is clean and dry, and free from foil backing and other contamination, such as wood and fixings. If you have quantities of plasterboard that you would like recycled, please contact us for a quotation.