Rubber Based Products Providing Tyres with a Second Life

Waste2Resource are experts in tyre recycling and rubber recycling – we work closely with a small selected supplier base for the management of tyres and other rubber based products to ensure that materials are dealt with in an environmentally sound way.

Changes in legislation have meant that there are ever more innovative approaches to recycling disused rubber products. For example, cement kilns are already using redundant tyres as fuel and tyre granulate has a number of uses, such as carpet underlay, children’s playgrounds, sports surfaces and street furniture. Landfill engineering projects are also a large consumer of redundant shredded rubber product, providing a valuable substitute to aggregate for cell drainage.

Why choose Waste2Resource for tyre recycling and rubber recyling?

The protection of our environment through pro-active waste management processes remains at the forefront of both public and political awareness. Now more than ever, businesses need a reliable waste management partner to ensure that their waste products are dealt with in accordance with legislation and Environmental Agency standards.

Bringing 40 years of industry experience to your business, our Shropshire-based waste management consultants are experts in finding innovative solutions to your waste disposal needs. Our services are bespoke to your business requirements and carried out efficiently, reliably and without fuss. Whatever sector you operate in and regardless of the size of your business, we will help you avoid the hassle of disposing of your rubber-based products or tyres, managing your waste in an environmentally responsible way while keeping your costs as low as possible.

Waste2Resource is able to provide a full collection service for car and industrial tyres, end of life conveyor belts and other rubber products. If you have any of these materials, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs. Contact Us.