Materials Wanted for Sustainable Waste Disposal

Waste2Resource has access to an extensive supplier network and material streams, both within the UK and overseas. If you are a supplier who is seeking a particular material stream, or a waste producer who wishes to explore alternative waste disposal outlets for your materials, we would like to hear from you.

Wanted for sustainable waste disposal

Waste2Resource are experts in sustainable waste disposal solutions and currently divert significant tonnage away from landfill and into RDF/SRF production. We are particularly interested in MRF residues and the dry/light fraction from commercial and industrial processes. We work with a number of ‘blue chip’ organisations to divert waste from landfill and into alternative sustainable outlets.

We are currently seeking the following material streams:

  • General/commercial and industrial waste suitable for RDF/SRF production: We manage RDF/SRF processes which recover energy from waste (EfW) by taking waste material, often unsuitable for traditional recycling, and convert it into material that can be burnt for electricity. Refuse Derived Fuel and Secondary Recovery Fuel are replacements for fossil fuels such as coal or oil and keep more waste material out of landfill.
  • Cardboard baled and loose: We provide cardboard recycling services and have direct access to a number of UK and overseas mills. We place your waste material in the markets where we can secure the most advantageous prices for you across the full range of material grades.
  • Plastics of all grades: We trade in a wide range of plastics and our extensive experience with plastic recycling allows us to place your waste material in the most sustainable markets. We strive to provide you with the highest levels of service and ensure collections are made to suit you at a market leading rate.
  • Lead acid batteries (automotive)We works closely with the main reprocessors of automotive batteries from passenger and commercial vehicles to ensure these materials are managed in an environmentally sustainable way.
  • Metals of all grades: We specialise in managing and recycling metals of all types and working with our supplier base, we can supply you with a bespoke collection or on-site management service to suit your needs.
  • Wood (all grades)We make use of recycled wood, turning it into biomass fuel that is used to generate alternative energy. We are able to secure optimum prices with the off-take markets for high quality grade biomass materials that are produced in volume to a market specification.
  • Tyres and rubber based products: We are experienced in tyre recycling and rubber recycling, working closely with a small selected supplier base for the management of tyres and other rubber based products to ensure that your waste materials are dealt with in an environmentally sound way.

If you produce any of the above materials and would like to know more about environmentally friendly waste disposal, or you are a processor and want to become one of our suppliers, please contact us.