Wood Recycling Management of a Sustainable
Fuel Source

Few materials are more environmentally sustainable than wood. Waste2Resource works closely with UK and overseas processors of wood to place biomass into markets that either seek to recover the energy value in wood, or harvest it as a raw material for new products.

Wood recycling

There is a growing use of recycled wood in this Country and in Europe as biomass fuel, used to generate alternative energy. Waste2Resource is able to secure optimum prices with the off-take markets for high quality grade biomass materials that are produced in volume to a market specification. Internal UK logistics are managed by Waste2Resource through our own transport supplier base, or we can work with your own vehicle fleet. Overseas shipments can be facilitated through our partner freight forwarder from any UK port into mainland Europe.

Why choose Waste2Resource for your wood recycling needs?

The European market is well developed in the biomass sector, with a good number of biomass power stations operating successfully throughout Holland, France, Germany and Scandanavia. Although the UK market is a little behind our European neighbours, it is set to expand rapidly with a number of major power stations already using recycled wood as a fuel source. Waste2Resource works with both UK and overseas processors of wood to find the best market for your waste materials, optimising logistics and delivering maximum revenue to your business while keeping your in-house waste management costs to a minimum.

With over 40 years of industry experience in the waste management sector, our innovative value-driven solutions are the reason our clients return to us year-on-year for their waste management needs.

If you are a large volume producer of a consistent grade biomass material, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss options to place this material in a more commercially attractive market. Contact Us.