Secondary Recovery Fuel (SRF)
Maximising the Energy in Waste

The production of SRF has grown significantly over recent years with both consumption in the UK and the EU rising rapidly. Waste2Resource is working with waste producers to identify materials suitable for SRF production. Waste2Resource also manages the supply chain from waste production to SRF manufacture, through to energy conversion.

Secondary Recovery Fuel is sustainable

The growing concern over climate change aggravated by the burning of fossil fuels and an increased interest in finding alternatives to landfill for the disposal of waste has led to an increase in interest over recovering energy from waste (EfW). EfW is viewed in the UK as both as a sustainable waste management solution and as a means of helping to meet renewable energy targets. Waste can be converted into fuel known as secondary recovery fuels (SRF) (also called solid recovered fuel).

SRF is sourced from selected commercial/industrial and municipal wastes, typically the dry light fraction comprised of non-hazardous waste paper, cardboard, wood and plastic. SRF is a more highly refined fuel product in comparison to Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF). The main outlet markets are industrial users who demand that SRF is produced to a pre-agreed specification.

Why use Waste2Resource for Secondary Recovery Fuel (SRF) processing?

SRF is an environmentally friendly solution that helps your business take a step closer to its zero waste to landfill ambition by turning your residual waste into fuel. Our waste management consultants bring over 40 years experience in the industry to your business and can provide a complete SRF management solution bespoke to your organisation’s needs.

Waste2Resource can assist in evaluating client material to assess suitability for SRF production. This process can include material sampling and testing, organisation of trial loads into reprocessors and the contracting of material on a long-term basis. Material that proves unsuitable for SRF production will likely fall into the RDF category. Please contact us to discuss your needs.