Paper and Cardboard Recycling  the Responsible Way

For cardboard recycling and paper recycling services, Waste2Resource is active in trading cardboard (OCC and KLS) and recovered paper of various quality grades. We strive to provide our customers with high levels of service to ensure collections that suit you at a market leading rate.

 Cardboard recycling

Waste2Resource provides cardboard recycling and paper recycling services, having direct access to a number of UK and overseas mills and places materials in the markets where we can secure the most advantageous prices for our customers across the full range of material grades. Whether you are currently baling material, or looking to install new baling equipment, we can advise on the most economical option based on your volumes and site constraints.

Why choose Waste2Resource for cardboard recycling and paper recycling?

We understand that paper, paper-based materials and cardboard can make up some of the largest components of many organisations’ commercial waste stream. Our Shropshire-based waste management consultants bring over 40 years of industry experience to your business and can provide bespoke paper and cardboard waste disposal solutions for a wide range of sectors.

Working with us, your business will be contributing to a more sustainable environment, saving money and reducing the amount of waste material it sends to landfill. We work closely with several UK and overseas mills to ensure you get the best possible price and you can be confident that your recovered material has been put to good use. We help businesses large and small across the UK to do more with their waste – read our case studies and see why our customers return to us year after year to add value to their organisations.

Waste2Resource is able to arrange collections direct from your site on our own curtain side vehicles, or if you have the facility, we can arrange for containerised collections and onward transport direct to port. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.