Plastic Recycling to Conserve the Earth’s Natural Resources

Waste2Resource is active in trading a wide range of plastics and our extensive experience with plastic recycling means we are able to place our customers’ materials in the most sustainable markets. We strive to provide our customers with high levels of service to ensure collections that suit you at a market leading rate.

Plastic recycling

Sustainable plastic recycling

Plastics are often perceived to be a complex material to manage due to the wide range of grades and sometimes volatile nature of the market. Waste2Resource aims to simplify this process for our customers and trade in all the main grades of material including PET, HDPE, LDPE films, Jazz, PVC, PS and PP.  We are very selective over our supplier base to ensure the outlet market is sustainable over the long-term.

We would be very interested to hear from customers who produce the following materials;

  • PET bottles to achieve 90:10 grade (clear to colour) mix, typically from mixed kerbside and bottlebank schemes
  • HDPE products such as wheelie bins, crates, IBC’s, pallets and stillages
  • PVC products such as cooking oil bottles, water bottles, film for meat packging, pipes and fittings
  • LDPE films to achieve gradings of 98:2, 95:5 and 90:10
  • PP of various material types including rigid form and woven PP big bags
  • PS products such as coathangers and packaging products
  • Other plastic derived materials, such as Perspex, mixed grades and rigids

Why choose us for your plastic recycling needs?

Our waste management consultants have over 40 years combined experience in the industry guaranteeing hassle-free plastic waste collection, recycling and recovery solutions for your business. We offer affordable waste management services for your plastics that benefit both your business and the environment, putting our customers first by offering fast response times and great value for money while keeping more of your waste out of landfill.

Waste2Resource is able to arrange collections direct from your site on our own curtain side vehicles, or if you have the facility, we can arrange for containerised collections and onward transport direct to port. Please contact us to discuss your materials and requirements.