W2R Successfully Assists Biffa Waste Services in Achieving 95% Landfill Diversion

Biffa is one of the UK’s leading integrated waste management businesses, providing collection, treatment, recycling and technologically-driven energy generation services operating with over 100 facilities.

Biffa contacted W2R to assist them with the landfill diversion of residual waste from their Dry Mixed Recyclables facility.

Due to limited storage space and high volumes of material being generated, timely collections were paramount to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the facility.  Coupled with this, it was essential to ensure that service levels between W2R and Biffa were maintained constantly as this was a pre requisite leading from service issues Biffa experienced with their previous supplier.

Paul Danks, Director of W2R added

“W2R have been working with Biffa operating on a number of sites in the UK ensuring landfill diversion is achieved by processing residual waste into SRF. SRF plays a key and ever growing role in the fuel supply chain for the cement industry and has helped ensure that Biffa has achieved over 95% landfill diversion.  Our extensive logistics network enables us to deliver unparalleled levels of customer service”.

Our Approach

W2R has long-term relationships with processing facilities that guarantee the diversion of Biffa’s residual waste from landfill into an alternative fuel (SRF).

By understanding the Clients requirements, W2R engaged with a logistics contractor enabling us to provide a 24/7 collection service, aligning the collection frequency with the facilities round the clock operations.  This system saw W2R manage up to 30 walking floor collections per week, allowing the site to hold minimum stock of residual waste and maximise productivity.

In addition, W2R carried out a full Duty of Care audit trail, thus allowing us to conclude and provide evidence that the residual waste produced had met the recovery criteria required by Biffa.

The Results

As a result of W2R’s partnership with Biffa, we were able to:

Matthew Modlinsky, Logistics Manager at Biffa Waste Management commented

“Our corporate responsibilities are of the utmost importance here at Biffa so it was essential that W2R understood this and were able to work in line with our expectations.   These expectations were not only met but far exceeded.

W2R were proficient and highly effective in their approach to our working partnership, assisting us to access a sustainable alternative outlet to landfill resulting in Biffa achieving 95% landfill diversion.  The resultant fuel produced from our residual waste is being utilising as an alternative to fossil fuel. 

I have already introduced colleagues around the business to W2R and look forward to future engagements between both companies”