W2R beats the competition and is rewarded with major shropshire site clearance contract

Dencora Estates Ltd are a London based property company who specialise in offering industrial units to businesses all over the UK.

Dencora contacted W2R when one of their tenants went into administration and left the 3 acre site contaminated with over 700 tonnes of plastics and residual waste.

The Environment Agency attended site with a view to issuing an Enforcement Notice to secure the clean-up of the site.  At this point, W2R were called in by the landlord to project manage the recovery and removal of the materials on-site.

Paul Danks, Director at Waste2Resource commented:

“W2R have been working with landlords for the past few years as this has been a recurring problem in many areas where tenants simply abandon sites, leaving others to fund the clean-up.  Clearing the site and recovering materials for recycling in the most cost effective method and ensuring compliance with Environment Agency requirements is of the utmost importance in these situations.  W2R successfully cleared the site of all waste in 10 days, secured the surrender of the site licence and returned the site to a condition where it could be re-let.”

 W2R Approach

Having analyzed the timescales issued by the landlord and the Environment Agency to clear the site, time was of the essence.  W2R’s approach was to remove all materials that could be recycled via W2R’s reprocessing network.  Manual separation of wood, paper, metal and plastics avoided contaminating saleable product and maximized selling prices.

W2R then set to work on the remaining residual waste using a small team of laborer’s and two machines loading walking floor trailers that were on continuous turnaround over several days until the site was clear.

The site was then swept and given a final clean down before being subject to Environment Agency Officer inspection, whereupon surrender of the waste licence was accepted.


  • In spite of both the tight budget and restricted timescales, W2R managed to clear the site 2 weeks prior to the deadline set.

  • Recovery of 35% of the waste streams on site achieved.

  • Recovery of waste otherwise destined for landfill, resulted in a project saving of approximately £18,000. 

  • Site returned to a re-lettable condition.

Tony Williams, General Manager, TG Waste Services commented:

“Waste2Resource were approached to provide a proposal for clearing the site.  W2R demonstrated a clear understanding of the Clients’ requirements and this was reflected in the information package provided prior to being commissioned.  Site work was completed efficiently with a constant eye on cost reduction through the recycling of as many materials as possible and minimising landfill.  The comprehensive manner with which W2R completed the job was greatly satisfying and allowed the Client to surrender the Environmental Permit.  I would certainly recommend W2R for any future site clearance work.”