Total Waste Management Solutions

Opportunity aheadWaste2Resource’s Total Waste Management solutions are designed around your specific needs. As a first stage to delivering our clients a lower cost higher quality service, we conduct a site audit to determine the following headline information:

  • Waste arising by type, volume and business location
  • Current waste management infrastructure and collection method
  • Cost analysis, including benchmarking of material rebates
  • Identification of any contractual constraints with existing suppliers

The output of the Audit generally follows the format below:

  • Full written report and key recommendations
  • Client meeting to review and agree key actions
  • Implementation of Waste2Resource service contract
  • Written reporting of KPI’s in line with Client requirements

Total waste management

Why choose Waste2Resource for your total waste management solution?

Our services cover every aspect of the waste management process for your business, freeing you from the complexities involved in arranging collection, transport, disposal and legislative compliance. Our start-to-finish service deals with all of waste, from scrap metal to hazardous and ‘problem’ waste. Waste2Resource sorts everything for you, competitively and compliantly.

Once our experienced waste management consultants have audited your site, we design a bespoke process to manage your waste efficiently and compliantly.  Our consultants spend time getting to know the way your business works inside out, and our solutions are always tailored accordingly. We guarantee that your waste is handled safely and responsibly, with as little being sent to landfill as possible.

Our waste consultants have years of experience of the waste recycling industry, with an impressive portfolio of clients across all business types. Regardless of your business size and coverage, Waste2Resource has the expertise and flexibility to tailor a total waste management solution which is right for you. Please contact us for a no obligation discussion of your business needs.